Anti-Stain Treatment

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Anti-Stain Treatment

Stains can be difficult to remove in the first place, so once you treat a stain you should always apply an anti-stain treatment to help prevent future stains. This treatment will prevent the moisture from the stains from soaking into the carpet. Many people don’t know about how anti-stain treatments work, and the benefits of using them.

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What is an anti-stain treatment?

An anti-stain treatment is a treatment that is typically applied afterAnti-stain treatment defined carpets have been freshly cleaned with all current stains removed or on brand new carpet. Anti-stain treatments are water repellent, so that when liquids like wine or grape juice that would normally discolor your carpet are spilled, they bead up instead of soaking into the carpet fibers. To get the most use out of an anti-stain treatment it is ideal to apply it when you get a brand new carpet to help prevent stains from the very beginning. When you treat a stain in your carpet, you are probably thinking you don’t want to get stains in the future, so you can apply an these treatments to make spills a lot easier to clean up in the future. When a spill happens after an anti-stain treatment has been applied, the spill will just bead up on the surface of the material.

The benefits of anti-stain treatments

Once an anti-stain treatment is applied it is ideal to prevent future stains because it prevents the liquid of the stain from soaking into the carpet. The liquid just beads up on the surface and is super easy to clean up. Applying anti-stain treatments make vacuuming up dirt easier since the same treatment prevents the dirt from being ground into the carpet. It is also beneficial to have anti-stain treatments applied when you have animals or kids, who are likely to track in dirt or leave behind disgusting messes, since it will make it all easier to clean it up.

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Types of anti-stain treatments

Anti-stain treatments solutionOne specific anti-stain treatment is called TexGuard. This product can be used both inside or outdoors and it can be used on all sorts of materials. When TexGuard is used, it essentially waterproofs the material it is applied too. This treatment can be applied on a few household furniture pieces such as chairs, carpets, couches and sofas. The treatment usually lasts around 5 years. With TexGuard applied, materials age differently and their care needs change. There are other types of anti-stain treatment solutions, out there as well and they all do about the same thing as TexGuard. If you have questions about which of the anti-stain treatments is best for your carpet, you can always consult a professional or go to your local hardware store to ask a representative for their opinion as well.

Removal of stains in your carpet can be a pain. Applying anti-stain treatmentWhen you get your carpets cleaned either by cleaning them by yourself or getting them cleaned professionally, you probably don’t want to deal with more stains again soon, so apply an anti-stain treatment to prevent future stains. Anti-stain treatments are ideal to apply after you clean your carpets or get them professionally cleaned to help keep your carpets as clean and look as fresh as possible.

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