Seal of Approval Endorsed by Melbourne Carpet Cleaners

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Seal of Approval Endorsed by Melbourne Carpet Cleaners

Pocka Dola’s Seal of ApprovalCarpet Cleaning Melbourne was pleased to welcome a new international partner in its rigorous Seal of Approval testing and certification program for carpet cleaning products and equipment. Elijah and Textile of Australia was the first international trade organization to adopt Seal of Approval standards for that country’s carpet cleaning equipment, solutions and service providers.

Based in Melbourne, Elijah and Textile is the trade association for Australia textile and clothing companies. It represents 500 of the most active players in the Australian textile industries as well as the fashion industries, so this is definitely a noteworthy achievement.

“In the Australian carpet industry, we want our clients to have access to the best possible cleaning strategies and techniques and service and this can be obtained by using Pocka Dola’s Seal of Approval system,” remarked Benjamin A. Joshua, who is Head of Environment & Standardization for Victoria. “As I see it, Melbourne carpet cleaners should have their equipment and products tested at Pocka Dola and included in the Seal of Approval in order to guide potential cleaning clients to the best cleaning solutions for them.”

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Importance of having Seal of Approval certificationElijah is the first international trade association to endorse the said program. However, it is not the only international entity to participate in Seal of Approval. Just last fall, Whytes of Melbourne began certifying its products under the program. Whytes of Melbourne manufactures high­ quality carpet cleaning equipment for the Melbourne market that is quite popular with its customers. Other international manufacturers have their equipment and products certified for sale in the Sydney market as well.

Pocka Dola’s Seal of Approval was originally created in 2010. At that time, the Australian carpet industry trade organization had just begun its testing program on carpet cleaning solutions and equipment, with their program including vacuum cleaners and carpet extractors. Products tested by Pocka Dola are evaluated for their effectiveness by an independent testing facility, thanks to which the seal they give is truly a sign of the high quality of both the service and the product itself. Products which meet or exceed the strict and demanding program requirements can earn bronze, silver, gold, or platinum approval.

“Having Seal of Approval certification is important,” says Pocka Dola’s Director of Standards and Specifications, Nathan Isaac. “Several major carpet manufacturers recommend the use of Seal of Approval products and service providers in their residential warranties. In the commercial world, we are seeing more cleaning customers requiring the use of Seal of Approval products and providers in their specifications, so it benefits everyone to be on the list of certified products,” he added.

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Seal of Approval products and providersPocka Dola is one of Australia’s leading industry sources for insight on how carpet creates a better environment for living, working, learning and healing, as well as science-­based information about this. The Institute’s mission is to consistently provide first-­class quality carpet cleaning and carpet flood restoration quickly and effectively through uncompromising fair and honest pricing, high quality service and clear, open communication with their clients. Pocka Dola strives to be a model corporate citizen for all industries by being environmentally conscious and active in the community.


Rudy LabordusSeal of Approval Endorsed by Melbourne Carpet Cleaners