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stain remover perthIs your home full of messes that need to be cleaned up.  Some messes can be cleaned with just a damp cloth and some with more effort, but serious stain removal requires a professional stain removal service.

That’s why you need our stain removal cleaning service to provide you with the expertise and skill to clean your home. Call us now to set up an appointment so we can immediately assess your needs, and get to work on your tough stains.

At Best Carpet Cleaners Perth we are experts in stain removal for both domestic and commercial customers. Getting rid of stains from your carpet, rugs or upholstery is our specialty.

In addition to our carpet cleaning service in Perth we also provide expert stain removal cleaning service and we won’t be beaten in price! Our friendly furniture and carpet stain removal team can handle any job in any suburb around Perth. We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years with our ‘do it right the first time’ promise for all cleaning services in Melbourne. We are experts in all carpet and rug cleaning tasks and stain removal is part of our expertise!

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What A Professional Stain Removal Cleaning Service Can Do

carpet cleaning stains perthProfessional stain removers do more than just scrub. We will analyze the stain based on its age, location, materials stained, and the surface depth. Our specialized training allows us to understand the type of stain, and its origin. How many times have people though the spot they have is a grape juice stain, when it’s really something else? Without proper stain identification, the stain can never be eradicated. Who has the time to be on their hands and knees scrubbing away at a stain, anxious with the uncertainty of whether it will ever come out?

Our Stain removal experts can remove the following

  • Blood Stains
  • Carpet Stains
  • Coffee Stain
  • Wine Stains
  • Pet Stains
  • Ink & Ballpoint Ink Removal
  • and more…

Our Stain Removal Process

stain inspection perthStain Inspection

As with all cleaning services, first we inspect your stain to assess what type it is, what it is and how it got there

Stain Clean

We use environmentally friendly stain removing products to clean  and remove any lingering stains. We are trained in using the smallest amount of liquid to achieve the highest stain removal results. Additionally, our stain removal machines help remove as much moisture as possibleto leave your fabric not only clean and fresh, but dry.


In the end, we always re-inspect the mattress to certify a job extremely well done.

Booking Hotline: (08) 6269 5016

Why use a Professional Stain Removal Team?


perth stain removal teamIt can take hours to remove stains, using messy household products. Sometimes stains don’t come out even after all your hard work. That’s when it’s time to turn to the experts for help. Our stain removal experts will work fast, using the latest skills and technology to eliminate your most stubborn stains.

Additionally, professional stain removal requires advanced knowledge of chemistry. The molecular bonds of particular stains can only be broken using the right kind of chemical, in the correct amount. Choosing the wrong stain removal product could worsen the stain or discolor the fabric it is applied to. Our company’s expert knowledge of stain removal chemistry can ensure a satisfactory outcome for you and your family.

When most people want a stain gone, they want it gone completely and gone forever. When considering stain removal, time is not on your side. Have you ever had a difficult food stain you could not get rid of? Blood, grape juice and organic waste stains require more than just household remedies. They require the skills of experts. That’s where we come in. As trained experts with specialized skills and tools at our disposal, we will remove even the toughest stains, giving you and your family peace of mind from knowing that your carpets are clean. The longer a stain remains untouched, the more likely it is to “set,” or become permanent. A professional stain cleaning service is equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to remove stains before they become permanent reminders of a horrific spill, pet mess, childhood “oops” or other unfortunate incidents resulting in an unsightly reminder.

A professional stain removal expert will always work for the good of their clients, responding to every stain removal incident with courtesy and cool-headed professionalism even under the most adverse conditions. Professionalism means your service provider has the know-how, the right tools, and the can-do attitude required to tackle even the most intractable stains, and stain cleaning and removal tasks. Trust, competence and expertise are the hallmarks of our company to get rid of stains.

About our Cleaning Services in Perth

stain removal services perthIf you have a stain in a delicate piece of fabric or a stubborn stain then Best Carpet Cleaners Perth are only a phone call away. Our friendly team  have highly skilled and trained cleaning professionals. No carpet cleaning job is too big or too small from from removing stains from your rugs to restoring flood damaged carpets. Call us today.

Booking Hotline: (08) 6269 5016

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