How to Clean Glitters Confetti and Sparkles From a Carpet

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How to Clean Glitters Confetti and Sparkles From a Carpet


These are types of sugars that have a bigger grain than standard granulated sugar and the visible edges catch the light to produce sparkle. They come in various pretty colors as well as clear which looks like tiny glass specks. This product can be simply sprinkled on cakes, cookies and cupcakes if the icing is still wet. If you are applying sugars to a fondant element or hardened icing brush a little thinned icing or gel on the area of application and add the sugar in small amounts until the desired effect is achieved.


These are very small reflective particles. When applied to surfaces they reflect light causing a glowing effect.


These are small pieces of paper or metallic pieces that are thrown at celebrations, weddings and parties. Since these are quite small particles it is usually a good to use more conventional methods. There are two procedures that can be followed and quite amazing results are achieved.

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Magic roller

The machine can either be electronic or manual .Its economical to use the manual one since its economical and saves energy and time.


Insert the padding into the handle and locate the areas where particles from the dirt might be located. The padding is made from sponge material and contains magnetic particles that attract the metallic minute particles.

Roll the pad on the carpet simultaneously until all the particles have been picked by the pad.

You should have a trash bin near to empty the dust particles.

Corner brush

This tool that is similar to the magic roller. Instead of a cushioned pad it has a brush that can rotate. It is best used to remove dust and other particles from the corners of the house.


A spill of confetti or sparkles on a carpet can pose a health problem to house owner since the particles are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Sometime it’s convenient to use a vacuum. This ensures a clean and thorough process which sometimes is more preferable.

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Clean glitter up off carpet in several ways. Use your vacuum first, but be aware that you will probably have to go over the same spot many, many times. Glitter often sticks to the actual carpet itself, so a vacuum isn’t going to do the trick all the time. Wrap some tape around your fingers by starting a finger wrap with the sticky side out. Cover your entire hand with wrapped tape, as long as the stickiness is on the outside of your wrap. Use masking tape, because you can cover more area of the carpet doing this, without any problems. Get down on your hands and knees and use the tape to remove as much glitter as possible. For carpeting, vacuuming and tape are going to be the two best options for removing glitter.

  1. Remove the carpet to an open area. The presence of furniture and other items tend to disrupt the work and can trip someone while cleaning.
  2. Vacuum until the particles are removed from the surface of the carpet.
  3. Wash the carpet and allow it to dry and make.
  4. Aerate the carpet after it has dried.
  5. A blower will remove any remaining particles on the carpet and subsequently maintain its original condition. As mentioned in the article about general carpet cleaning the procedure will obviously keep it in form condition and maintain its texture in due cause.
  6. Fold the carpet and return it indoors. It is good to apply an odor remover and any insect repellers.This will prevent any living insects from being introduced into the living place.
Rudy LabordusHow to Clean Glitters Confetti and Sparkles From a Carpet