Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Of all the carpet stain products that are available, water is the one to try first. Virtually all others have the potential to damage your carpet (water will generally only hurt if it is not dried up and so allows mildew to grow). Many cleaning products are caustic, like bleach, and will remove the dye from the carpet if not used properly. They generally don’t become inert, so they continue to damage your carpet over time if they are not rinsed out completely. So try water first.

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When Water Isn’t Enough

It is also good to try out conventional methods as these tend to be more efficient. However they do carry a set back because of their expense and availability. This is why i advocate home-made remedies since they do not impose such a big blow to your wallet.

Many of the commercial carpet stain removers work well, but some are designed for particular types of stains. Read their labels carefully.

Also, some will work better or worse on a particular type of carpet. Read the label for warning about use on any particular carpeting (wool is easily damaged by some products), and pretest the product in an inconspicuous area. To do this, apply several drops of the solvent to your carpet, then press a white cotton cloth on the area for fifteen seconds. Examine the cloth to see if there is color transfer from the carpet, and examine the carpet for color changes or other damage. If there is any color transfer or damage at all, try a different stain remover.


Dawn dish washing detergent (a few drops in a cup of water) makes a decent carpet stain remover. It works especially well on greasy stains (maybe a teaspoonful to a cup of water). Use the original blue Dawn, and follow the process outlined above.

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When to Avoid Water

This can make matters worse with some types of glue spills.

Sometimes specialized cleaning products and professional carpet cleaners are needed, but you can get out many stains easily by yourself, using what you already have in the house. Take Off Your Shoes – A good way to prevent staining and wear is to have a no-shoes policy in the house. Dirt breaks down fibers, and shoes carry dirt. Removing shoes can mean putting off the expense of getting new carpeting for years.

Quieter Carpeting – If you are replacing the carpets in a house, consider adding underlayment to the floors if noise is an issue. This will really reduce the sounds from upstairs in a two-story home.

  • Tar – It isn’t easy, but it can be done.
  • Tea – Try white vinegar and warm water.
  • Toothpaste – You can use common cleaners.
  • Urine – Get the odors out as well.
  • Vomit – It can damage the color of the fiber.
  • Wine – You can use white vinegar and dish soap.
  • Red Stains – Use an iron and dish detergent.
  • Rubber Cement – Rubbing alcohol to the rescue!
  • Rust – Lemon juice is one alternative to try.
  • Soot – Dealing with small and large spots.
  • Soy Sauce – Use ammonia to start the process.

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Rudy LabordusDifferent Carpet Cleaning Methods