How to Clean Your Leather Upholstery

How to Clean Your Leather Upholstery

How to Clean Your Leather Upholstery

How to Clean Your Leather UpholsteryHaving a leather upholstery plays a major role and maintaining it is a core factor. Leather consists of two major sources.

  • Natural leather
  • Synthetic leather

Natural leather is made from animals is stronger and durable. There are two major categories of natural leather i.e.

  • Skins
  • Hides

Skins originate from smaller animals while hides can be got from small animals and they are of greater surface area than skins.

Synthetic leather is made from hydrocarbons and patched to a piece of thin material. The patched material acts as padding to the polyethylene layer.

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Leather Upholstery CleaningGet a dry cloth and a cleaning agent such as water. Water serves as a universal solvent. Note that use of detergents tends to wear off leather. Sponge the stained area until the first coat of dirt and repeat the process until the coat turns shiny in appearance.

Leave to dry for 1 hour or more .If you are in a hurry one can use a blower to quicken the drying process. Apply leather polish with a dry piece of cloth. This is to be done sparingly until a smooth coat has been attained.

Grease and wax

A non-scouring agent best serves the purpose. Hydrogen peroxide is used for grease stains because it readily oxides the stain. Put a liter of warm water into a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in ratio of 1:1000. Sponge the stains until the grease clears. For wax stains scrap the hardened particles with a plastic piece of material. The patches left behind are then polished with a matching color.

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Food stains

To clean food stain, identify the cause of the stain. Liquid food stains can be easily wiped out by the correct diluting agent. Mix water with an ounce of baking powder to remove colored stains. Mainly are got from fruit juices, jam and tomato source.

Careful Cleaning of Leather UpholsteryFor hard particles scoop the pieces onto a plastic bag. Then with a peace of wet cloth clean the leather upholstery, careful not to leave residue used to make the food. Potato crisps and chips leave oily marks on the leather.


Soot on leather upholstery requires copious amount of water. It is good to wipe out the soot first with a extremely dry piece of cloth. Allow the damp places to dry off before you apply leather polish.

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Blood stain

If it’s fresh blood mix two parts of disinfectant with water and then wipe it off with a sponge. Dried- up blood is washed in the same process but a greater force is applied.

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