How To Get Candle Wax Out Of My Carpet

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How To Get Candle Wax Out Of My Carpet

Types of wax

  1. Natural wax
  2. Beeswax
  3. Industrial wax

Bee wax is formed by bees and formed by as a byproduct when bees feed on the royal jelly.

Natural wax is formed from Coconut, Soy, Palm oil, olive oil and apricot.

Industrial wax is formed from oil drilled from underground and it’s commonly referred to as paraffin wax.

Industrial wax is derived into sub-categories divided into

  • Micro crystalline
  • Petrolatum
  • Hydrocarbon and
  • Resin white

The presence of candle wax and stains on a carpet can sometimes be an eyesore and preset the mood setting of the house owner. Candles bring out an ambiance in a room, but nothing puts you off than hardened wax on a carpet.

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Below I have put down a simple guide on how to get rid of candle wax and anybody put to tax can get rid of the mess easily.

In a logical manner large pieces of wax will probably be pulled off, but for smaller pieces or blobs one can use either the cold method or the heat method

Take out some ice or better out an ice pack and apply on the wax to make it frozen.

Then gently scrap off the wax with a thin object like credit card.This will take care of the fiber and it will not damage the material used to manufacture your carpet.

The Heat Method

Since the wax has already hardened, one can use an old newspaper and iron above the stain. Gently do this until the wax is transferred to the newspaper.

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Exploration Into More Authentic and Convectional Candle Wax Removal Methods

Fuller Brush Stain Remover

This is a compact brush designed for every day stain removal. It agitates the stain on your carpet, upholstery canvas and other surfaces

Tide With Touch Down Lavender

A phosphate free product, made from biodegradable materials

3 M Carpets And Upholstery Cleaner

This is a dilution liquid ratio 1:6 and available in a 8 oz. container. It removes all stains that can be removed by water including wax that is of inorganic origin

Noble Chemical De-Stainer

A highly concentrated chlorine detergent that is used for industrial purposes

Monsten Bocker

It removes off sticky and greasy stains from crayons, lip stick and wax

Spotterizer Non-Toxic Stain Remover

Natural green beans stain formula that is used to remove sticky and greasy candle stains from carpets and is used to remove stains from the most delicate of your carpeting.

Heated Carpet Spot Cleaner

It is referred to as’ clean freak’. Heated carpet spot cleaner utilizes hot water along with the necessary stain removing chemicals to break the bonds between the stain itself and the carpet fibers it has attached itself to. Heat not only speeds the process as the pressure from the machine scours the surface off any wax and other hardened particles.

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Chase 5165

This is available on a 5.5 container. The Chewing Gum & Candle Wax Remover has a freezing action that allows chewing gum and wax drippings to be removed easily and effectively. It freezes substances instantly to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Does not leave rings or residue behind.

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