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Do you have upholstered furniture in need of cleaning? Do you have stains left in the fabric of a favorite chair that you just can’t part with? Are you not sure whether to hire someone or do it yourself?

Cleaning upholstered furniture can be difficult for many reasons. Best Carpet Cleaning Perth excels at providing the best residential and commercial upholstery cleaning and care in the industry.

We love serving our customers. Our range of Perth carpet cleaning services also includes expert furniture cleaning service and we won’t be beaten in price!

Our local Perth cleaners are experts in upholstery cleaning to get your furniture looking like new. We handle both domestic and commercial customers. Getting rid of stains on your fabric, furniture or cleaning your leather sofa are all part of our specialty.

Our friendly team can manage work in every suburb around Perth and we have helped thousands of customers over the years with our ‘do it right the first time’ attitude for all cleaning services. We are experts in all cleaning types from carpet cleaning to removing carpet stains.

Booking Hotline: (08) 6269 5016

Why us for your Upholstery Cleaning?

  • upholstery cleaning team perthOur furniture cleaners have the highest certifications in the industry and are constantly learning about new techniques that work for you.
  • We have the expertise and knowledge in handling all different types of fabrics.
  • We have the state-of-the-art machines and use the best cleaning methods and services for you.
  • Our superior stain protector helps your furniture resist stains as well as everyday oils and moisture.
  • We are fully licensed, insured and certified.
  • Every service we provide is guaranteed.

How Our Upholstery Cleaning Process Works

  1. First we inspect your furniture to see what kind of fabric we will be working with as well as any damage.  Then we apply a patch test in upholstery cleaning process perthan inconspicuous area to discover the best upholstery cleaning product that will clean, and not harm your furnishings. We are proud to say that we use the most advanced upholstery cleaning equipment and products in the market.
  2. As with our carpet cleaning, before we apply any cleaners or moisture to your furniture, we vacuum up any loose crumbs, hair and dirt left on the surface of the furniture using our carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.
  3. We apply our upholstery cleaning products and scrub them by hand into your upholstery and then extract the cleaner and water using our high powered machines or our upholstery steam cleaner to remove as much moisture as quickly as possible. We use only the best products for cleaning upholstery.
  4. If stain protectors are necessary we will apply them to your furniture at this time. These can prevent dirt and stains from becoming permanent fixtures on your furniture.
  5. In the end your furniture looks and feels completely renewed. You’ll feel great about its fresh, clean appearance as well as about the pollutants that were removed from your daily environment.

Booking Hotline: (08) 6269 5016

Why hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaner?

team upholstery cleaning perthSomething that’s important to think about is that there are many do-it-yourself upholstery cleaning machines on the market, but none of them have the power to remove as much moisture during the rinse and extraction step as our machines do. Leaving too much water behind in your furniture is not only messy and disgusting, but it’s unsafe, as it becomes a perfect platform for mold and bacteria to grow.

The same can be said for untrained professionals. Any time too much water is left behind, which is due to lack of training or poor quality machinery, you risk damaging your furniture to the extent that it cannot be repaired. Drawing from years of certified training and experience, our upholstery cleaners know how to get the job done right the first time.

Our Upholstery Cleaners Experience

Certified professionals like Carpet Cleaning Perth have the knowledge and training about different types of upholstery fabric and how to specifically care for each one. This knowledge includes:

  • What chemicals to use and not use on each fabric
  • How to test the cleaners and solvents first
  • Machinery and expertise in cleaning difficult-to-reach parts of your furniture
  • The correct way to agitate different fabrics without ruining them
  • Performing an overall clean first, then stain removal if necessary
  • How to properly rinse your upholstery
  • How to dry your upholstery as quickly as possible

upholstery cleaning experience perthIt can be difficult to clean upholstery and get your furniture looking like new again, and it’s often necessary to hire professional upholstery cleaners. Best Carpet Cleaners Perth offers a range of upholstery cleaning services including leather cleaning, rug cleaning, sofa and couch cleaning and full lounge cleaning.

Furniture attracts things such as dust, dirt and hair just as easily as carpets. No matter how diligent you are about being clean, every time we use our furniture we leave oil from our bodies and dead skin cells behind.

Over time, the accumulation of this debris leaves our furniture looking and feeling dull, and ultimately shortens its lifespan. Stains on furniture can often be difficult to remove with just regular home cleaning solutions, and they damage the appearance of the fabric.

Professional cleaning can help maintain and restore its appearance and texture, and help create a healthier living and working environment overall. Having your furniture professionally cleaned every few years keeps it looking and feeling like new. It’s an important step to take in the care of your furniture. Let us take care of this chore for you and help protect your investment.

Booking Hotline: (08) 6269 5016

About Upholstery Cleaning

  • upholstery perth cleaning Fibers used in upholstery are often sensitive and require a special touch, including someone with the knowledge of which chemicals to use on certain fabrics and how to properly agitate each fabric. The same cleaning solvent that might clean cotton, for example, might permanently damage silk or velvet.
  • Due to the construction of the furniture, the fabric can be hard to clean.
  • Stains on upholstered furniture often need a different type of cleaner than what is used for general overall upholstery cleaning, and therefore, expertise in this area is extremely important. When you hire professional upholstery cleaners, question them about the products they use until you feel comfortable with their knowledge.
  • Whether or not you hire professional upholstery cleaners, always test or have your cleaners test their solvents first on an inconspicuous part of the upholstery, because many solvents, if not carefully administered, cleaned and rinsed can cause watermarks, color loss, browning, and dyes that bleed.
  • Spot cleaning of upholstery can be difficult because the resulting stained area may end up looking much cleaner or whiter than the rest of the fabric.
  • Watermarks, which appear as rings or marks around the spot that was just cleaned, can be caused by wet and dry cleaning solvents alike, lack of knowledge, or even due to dyes in the fabric themselves.  This is why it’s always important to test a spot first.
  • Agitation can harm certain fibers such as velvet and micro fibers if not done properly.
  • If an area is left too wet, dirt can collect and make the newly clean area appear brown.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Furnishing a home is a serious, expensive investment, and we know you want your furniture to last as long as it can. We welcome any furniture cleaning needs you have and love the challenge of restoring the beautiful luster to your home furnishings to help ensure they will provide you with years of comfort.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Purchasing office furniture is no small cost. We know office furniture can take a beating. By having your office furniture professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you are saving yourself a pretty penny by not having to replace dirty or damaged pieces.

About our Cleaning Services in Perth

upholstery team perthIf your upholstery needs a professional clean then Best Carpet Cleaners Perth are only a phone call away. Our friendly team have highly skilled and trained cleaning professionals. No cleaning job is too big or too small from tile and grout cleaning to getting bed bugs out of your mattress.

Booking Hotline: (08) 6269 5016

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