White Film on Tile

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White Film on Tile?

Have you noticed a white film on your tile?

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 Why Is There a White Film on Tile?

Grout Residue

Usually this white film on tile comes from grout residue that was white film on tile due to grout residuenever cleaned or wiped off of the tiles properly during installation.

This white film on tile can be very difficult to remove and often does not just wipe off with normal cleaning. In many cases if it has been left long enough, even just 24 hours, it may be a permanent characteristic of your tile and may either need professional cleaning or repair.

When installing new tile or re-grouting old tile, it’s necessary that whoever does the installation follow the correct procedure to correctly wipe the grout off the tiles as they go.

  1. First they should use a good rubber float when applying the grout.
  2. Then they should wipe with a good soft sponge and warm water.
  3. It’s important that they rinse the sponge often so the grout they are cleaning off goes down the drain and not directly back onto your tile to result in the white film on tile.
  4. If this was not done properly upon installation the hazy grout residue will remain.

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Other Reasons for White Film on Tile

Leftover Soap Residue

white film on tile due to leftover soap residueSometimes this white film on tile is caused from the very things we are using to clean the tile. Many soaps are not designed for tile and will leave a milky looking soap scum on your tile. If you hired someone to clean your tile and now have this annoying white film on your tile, most likely they did not use the correct kind of cleaner. Some diluted dish soaps are safe to use for some tiles, but many soaps will leave this residue, which also attracts dirt. Always check with your tile manufacturer to find out the safest cleaner to use on your type of tile.

Minerals in Hard Water

Hard water is full of minerals such as calcium and white film on tile caused by minerals in hard watermagnesium and can leave a white film on tile. Called efflorescence, this usually comes from beneath the tile such as from the cement slab flooring, and can be a sign of a larger problem. If enough water is coming up from beneath to leave a white film on tile, it may mean unwanted water is coming in from somewhere. If this is the problem, once the tile is already installed, it may be an irreparable issue.


white film on tile brought by saltSalt can be one of the minerals brought up through the surface from hard water. It can also be brought into your house through foot traffic, or spilled onto your tiles. It’s important to clean the salt up carefully because not only can it leave the white film on your tile, but it is highly abrasive and can scar your tile.

This white haze on tile can be frustrating and hard to remove without damaging your tile. To gain more insight about efflorescence or to get help in removing the white film on tile, call us at (08) 6311 4082.

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